Compostable Capsules compatible with Lavazza A modo mio

Compostable capsules compatible with Lavazza A modo mio®*

In order to link the arworks with its products, each blend have a name that reflects some strictly famale characteristics:

DELICATA (100% Arabica)

Its blend is of the highest quality 100% Arabica coffee washed and cultivated in the fertile areas of South America. It reproduces a refined taste, with perceptible fruity notes, and a persistent and balanced aftertaste.

AUDACE (Miscela Robusta) 

This blend, with its intense and enveloping aroma, is distinguished by its strong character. The excellent Robusta coffee used produces an extremely creamy Italian espresso with a full rounded taste.

LEGGERA (Miscela Dec)

This blend is made of the highest quality Arabica and Robusta and adapted to allow everyone to enjoy the pleasure of an excellent coffee in compostable pods. Maximum caffeine content below 0,10 % (D.M. 20-05-1976).


Blend 100% Arabica, obtained from coffee coming from organic agriculture; this is a gourmet coffee designed to satisfy the most demanding palates. It is characterised by a unique aromaticity which is exotic, perfectly balanced in sweetness and acidity, filling the palate pleasantly with slight hints of citrus fruit.

  • Organic (ID 6830) – CCPB Bologna
  • OK compost (Cod. S0807) – TÜV AUSTRIA


*The trademarks Lavazza and A modo mio are not property of T.M. Srl or othe connected companies.

The Artist

Sara Lovari

She was born in 1979 in Avena – Poppi, Arezzo (Italy).

After graduating in Economics, in 2007 she decided  to start her artistic career. Since then she has exhibited her artworks in Italy and abroad.

She has won numerous prizes such as  the Golden Adrenaline Prize in Rome and she was one of the finalis of Arte Mondadori and Catel and Fondazione Olivetti prizes. Also, she was present at the Hurricane Biennial at the National Weather Center in Oklahoma City (USA) in 2017.

Her personal artistic experimentation is characterized by the use of warm acrylic colors inspired by the earth and nature and by polymathic applications that interact on precious, ancient media, leading to the production of pictorial sculpture much appreciated by critics, the public and collectors all over the world.

The Style

Class is what makes the difference in the packaging of this line of coffee. Each product’s packaging, in fact, shows works of art by the Italian artist Sara Lovari.

The chosen artworks belong to a wider collection called “Queen” from 2017. Sara Lovari produces them by using an assemblage of splashes of white color and recycled materials, such as paper, cartons and old newspapers.

These artworks represent the beauty that the artist finds in the vintage images of soap and water women‘s magazines. They represent the energetic, active, sunny and radiant woman, all accompanied by clothes made up of old papers or typographic blocks that tell another story. A story in history.

It is the theme of recovery and of “giving new life to waste materials” that has led Torrefazione Morandini to choose these works to embody the soul of its products included in a line that respects the environment with class.