Our history

Our history

It was a casual encounter, exactly the type that happens in the best love stories, that led to the founding of Morandini Coffee Roasting. A meeting which, at the end of the sixties, in a country which was lifting its head again after the second World War, marked a change in the life of the young Romolo Morandini and his descendants.

A trip to Brescia with his father, a baker, led him to meet the owner of a small shop on Corso Garibaldi. There, in that room infused with the smell of roasted coffee, Romolo decided that his future would be fragrant with coffee.

NUOVA-romoloThis decision soon became reality when Romolo set up his first roasting laboratory under his house, and began an adventure in the world of coffee that continues today. The first precious beans from America that arrived in the Val Camonica entered the Victoria 5kg roaster, which today is displayed with pride to visitors.

It was the beginning of an adventure that Pietro and Vigilio, Romolo’s two sons, took over from their father in 1991, carrying on the same authentic dedication, running the firm with enthusiasm, commitment and a serious work ethic, obtaining important recognitions and international titles.

Coffee producers since the ‘60s

“We are convinced that reaching a goal does not mean stopping to enjoy our success, but rather starting again right away, stimulating our activity through meeting new challenges, knowing that we are working with goodwill, humility and the correct attitude”.


Morandini Coffee is a blend obtained from the masterly   combination of high quality production and traditional Morandini recipes.


The family aspect of Morandini Coffee Roasting is perfectly linked to modern, cutting edge technology, which guarantees the constant quality of the product whilst respecting environmental norms.


The scrupulous selection of the best raw materials means the company can offer coffee which displays all the required organoleptic standards, recognised and rewarded at national and international level.

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A company with close links to tradition which can combine passion for quality with the most up-to-date technology, thus obtaining excellent results in the context of environmental sustainability.

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“These important awards are a guarantee of the serious way we do business, and they confirm our conviction that we must only aim at products of the highest quality”.

Pietro and Vigilio Morandini

  • International Coffee Tasting

    Biennial international competition

    In 2006, 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2016 Morandini Coffee Roasting took part in the International Coffee Tasting, winning the prestigious prize “Gold Medal”.



    International fair B2B – food and beverage

    Morandini Coffee Roasting took part in the international TUTTOFOOD Fair, finishing on the podium for their Biocaffè Fairtrade  100% Arabica, in the competition “Certified Quality Award 2015”.

  • International Coffee Tasting Asia 

    Biennial international competition

    In 2013 and 2015 the company took part in the International Coffee Tasting Asia, winning first prize with the Miscela Maxima 100% Arabica and the Biocaffè Fairtrade 100% Arabica.

  • Sensory Island

    Vinitaly Event

    In 2014 the company took part in the Isola Sensoriale event at Vinitaly in Verona, winning the title “Best Coffee 2014” with the Miscela Maxima 100% Arabica beans and the Biocaffè Fairtrade 100% Arabica beans.