What is the meaning of compostable?

A material is called compostable when, after its degradation, it turns into compost, thus allowing a substantial reduction in waste.

Becoming compost means that the waste is transformed into dirt, a structure similar to the soil, that is generally used for fertilization of plants.

In order to be considered compostable, a material must have specific structural requirements, certified by organisations after specif tests.

Our compostable coffee

Caffè Morandini’s pods and capsules line allows everybody to take a quick and easy coffee break while respecting the environment.

Each pod and capsule is obtained from compostable materials, certified by the international certification authority TÜV Austria, with the label OK Compost.

This means that once used, capsules and pods can be disposed of in the organic waste according to the instructions set foth by municipality of residence.

This is the right product line for people who want to give a tastefull coffee break and without waste, because It’s made of natural materials, 100 percent compostable in you own backyard.

OK Compost certification

OK Compost is a trademark of  TÜV Austria, an international authority that certifies that products and materials, used in the production process, comply with the UNI Standard EN 13432:2002. This regulation refers to the characteristic that materials have to embody to be considered compostable.

Thus, this trademark assures environmental protection by certifying the total disintegration of capusles and pods in a given period of time.