Services & Assistance

Willingness to help, and care of details

The attention to details applied in the production of Morandini Coffee Roasting’s blends is the same attention that the company exercises when they handle and supply assistance to cafés, hotels and restaurants.

Willingness to help and dedication to the customer are the values which the Morandini company has always believed in, succeeding over the years in developing a commercial department with highly qualified, technically well-prepared staff.

Clear reference points

Today, every representative guarantees weekly visits to his own customers, so he can ensure a punctual management of stocks, constant checks on the coffee machines and the maximum efficiency in handling the working relationship.

The person responsible for each area is therefore a clear, competent reference point, who can solve any type of problem.

The aim is to establish relationships which go beyond the mere idea of supplier-customer, with the focus on growth and reciprocal trust.