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Morandini Coffee Roasting’s experience, care and love for coffee has produced a selection of single origin coffee and unique blends, all with an unmistakeble taste

Morandini Coffee Roasting has always wanted to transmit its love for coffee in every one of its products, spreading the culture of good espresso coffee. The production of quality coffee is an art that cannot be improvised: experience, dedication, passion and mastery are the values at the basis of Morandini’s blends and single origin coffee.


Morandini Coffee Roasting does not sit back on its laurels, but goes on, guided by its love and passion for its product, keen to face new challenges with goodwill, humility and aptitude.

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Fair Trade
Biological Coffee

Morandini’s Biocaffè is certified as Fairtrade. This is the most well-known brand in fair trade, and it guarantees the the coffee comes from companies that protect the economic and social conditions of their employees. It is 100% Arabica of high quality single origin and is characterised by the exotic fragrance and the delicate fruity aroma of Indonesia.




 “Days should start with a hug, a kiss, a caress and a coffee.
Because you need a good breakfast”


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